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Summer 2024

If you stay with us this summer, you can enjoy the free use of 11 cableways and buses in the Saas valley.

Unlimited use of the following cableways from your first night's stay:

  • Saas-Grund - Kreuzboden
  • Kreuzboden - Hohsaas
  • Saas-Almagell - Furggstalden
  • Furggstalden - Heidbodme
  • Saas-Fee - Plattjen
  • Saas-Fee - Hannig
  • Saas-Fee - Felskinn

Unlimited use of the PostAuto buses in the Saas Valley on the following routes:

  • Saas-Balen - Saas-Fee
  • Saas-Grund - Mattmark reservoir

Reduced-fare parking in Saas-Fee

Winter 2024/25

Timetable e-buses Saas-Almagell Saas-Grund-Saas-Fee

In winter, a total of 6 e-buses connect the Saas Valley every 15 minutes from Saas-Almagell to Saas-Fee, Alpin Express and Saas-Grund and vice versa. 

With slopes up to 3,600 m, snow is guaranteed in Saas-Fee and Saas-Almagell. This enables descents to the valley until the end of the winter season, which lasts 170 days in the Saas Valley. The Saas Valley is surrounded by eighteen 4,000-metre peaks, creating a unique landscape of mountains and glaciers. A total of 114 kilometres of slopes reaches from 3,600 m (ASL) down to the village borders.

2 X 35 years of winter holidays in the Adora holiday home ... or how holiday guests became friends.